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WELUV is a brand created by the Forlong couple. They have been in love over 16 years and married for 6 years.


Forlong was a playboy when he was young, he didn't have too much fantasies about the future. One summer at high school, when he met Elaine, everything changed. He fell in love with this unique girl at first sight and believed she was the girl to spend the whole life together. They determined the relationship before high school graduation, and then in the 16-year love run, they went through a lot of interesting things.


They tried to get into the same university and chose to work together in the same city after graduation! Everything have to started from ZERO,no background,no experience,no money.With intern salary,they ate cheap food,lived small house without sunsight.Even so,they got fun from a movie,little surprise,a bit rich dinner,progress at work,learning the skill of street vendor business  etc.They were happy, enjoyed the life and work.


Looking back, many lovers in the age of student have been separated. Forlong and Elaine,they are one of the few couples who can really steps from the student era to the wedding finally,they feel so lucky.The more lucky thing,after hard work,they successfully created the company "TOPP TEN CO., LTD",expanding their love and happy concept-[more fun of life].


[WELUV] = [WE LOVE], its birth inspiration originated from the high school students period Forlong couple's small love letter often used some cute words to express their love. It is a beautiful, simple and pure time, one of the most precious moments in life.


Forlong and Elaine found that not only love needs to operate together, but all the relationship between people needs to operate together, it asks both sides can accept each other's imperfections, tolerate each other's shortcomings, respect each other, encourage each other, appreciate each other, and achieve each other. Strive for the common goal, no matter what happens, look forward, and have full confidence and expectation to the future.


Life is ordinary and tasteless for many people, it's like the lost fresh love after long time.However, life needs a sense of hierarchy, which requires us to learn to find more fun in the ordinary life, to make the ordinary and repetitive life become more colorful. WELUV people hope to find more fun with you in the ordinary life, and become a person who loves life and is full of fun. WELUV is willing to accompany you to run a bright future.


Beautiful skin is the same, the interesting soul is unique.Unique souls collide with dazzling sparks.Whatever we are lover,friends,customers,partners,we must know how to cherish the both sides, embrace each other's shortcomings, appreciate each other's strengths,respect each other, encourage each other, appreciate each other, grow together, and achieve each other - this life after we met, please cherish, find out and enjoy the fun of life around us.


WELUV product positioning:  More Fun Of Life. 


For the common goal, no matter what happens, always focus on the best solution, look forward the future, make ordinary life full of fun, determined to become stronger and better together, WELUV people can understand very well about this. Let's cheer together! Believe in yourself, you can enjoy more fun of life! ! !


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